A Walk In The Industrial Park

Wise Roof Solutions was proud to partner with Lightening Construction to complete this industrial storage facility.

As with most construction projects, we were on a limited timeframe so keep the project on schedule but we were unwilling to compromise on roofing quality.

On the surface, a structure like this looks pretty simple. There aren’t any architectural roofing features to work around. There is plenty of room around the site for scissor lifts and health and safety equipment. Putting the roof on a storage facility in a Christchurch Industrial Park is easy right?

Think again.

The roofing sheets we needed to complete this industrial space were 22 metres long, so all our knowledge and expertise was required on this project.

As you can imagine, even a little wind would play havoc when trying to safely move a 22 metre long sheet of roofing material. Handled incorrectly, roofing sheets of that size have a tendency to bend and crease, making it unusable.

A mix of teamwork, cranes, expert coordination and precision placement kept this industrial roofing project flush, watertight and completed on schedule.

No matter the size and scale of your roofing project, Wise Roof Solutions have the experience, precision, and teamwork to take care of you.

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Construction date: October 2016
Location: Christchurch