Covering the Canterbury Plains

This South Canterbury farm house was in desperate need of some love. The hard working family were tired of sleeping with a drip, so they called Wise Roof Solutions! This old house had its original roof from when it was built in the 1930s! No wonder it was a little less than weathertight. We got to work re-roofing this rural home.

We replaced the old concrete tiles with new 4 gauge Colorsteel® Greyfriars roofing sheets. As you can see, this Canterbury home had a little bit of everything, which posed a few challenges for our roofing team. Chimneys, skylights, satellite dishes, hips, peaks and valleys meant this home was nothing like your standard re-roof… and we loved it!

It was important for the owner to keep the look of the original Canterbury homestead, but have a new roof that was compliant with the latest standards of the building code. This beauty definitely won’t be leaking any time soon!

The best part about this re-roof was that everyone who worked on it went home at the end of the day. The whole site was compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA). We used edge protection and a full scaffold around the building.

The owners were so impressed with how smoothly this re-roof went, they brought Wise Roof Solutions back out to their property to re-roof a number of sheds and garages on their estate. No skylights or chimneys meant they were much simpler to finish.

Do you want to replace your concrete tile roof? Are you sick of the leaks and want a dry home with a brand new look? Wise Roof Solutions are Christchurch’s re-roofing specialists. From sheds and garages to architectural homes, Wise Roof Solutions can re-roof them all.

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Construction Date: March 2015
Location: Christchurch