Beach Road, Ashburton

When re-roofing a home, there is no substitute for experience. The Wise Roof Solutions team relied heavily on our experience to re-roof this Ashburton Beach Road Property.

To prepare for every re-roofing project you can draw up plans and look at original building designs, but the reality is you don’t know what you’re really getting into until you take the old roof off and have a look.

A leaky roof is no good

Like many properties in South and Mid-Canterbury, this Ashburton home was damaged by the big hailstorm of 2019. The original 1950s galvanised corrugated iron roof had seen better days and was already ready to be re-roofed before the hail storm came along.

The owners were worried about their roof leaking, especially because the retirees living here spent a lot of time at home and wanted to make sure they stayed warm and dry.

The Wise Roof Solutions team works closely with local Ashburton scaffolders and roofing suppliers to make re-roofing your home as smooth and un-intrusive as possible.

Replacing rotten purlins

We kept all the new Colorsteel roofing on a long trailer, so we didn’t damage their lawn. Unfortunately, when we started taking the old roofing iron off this Ashburton home, we discovered that half of the timber purlins were damaged or rotten and needed replacing. Replacing the purlins may not have been part of the original plan, but it’s not a problem for our experienced roofers, and we were able to take care of this ourselves.

As part of every re-roofing project, we will happily dispose of your old roofing material for you. This Ashburton homeowner had some crafty DIY ideas and asked if he could keep the galvanised roofing iron for a project he had in mind. Not a problem. We stacked the old roofing material by his shed, where he wanted it.

Keeping Ashburton homes watertight

Normal re-roofing projects typically take more than one day, especially if you need to replace some of the purlins too. On this two-day re-roofing project, we made sure that this Ashburton home was still watertight at the end of day one. You never know what the weather will do overnight, and at Wise Roof Solutions we don’t take chances.

Our roofers measured and made all of the flashings, putting the finishing touches on this brand new Colorsteel roof. All straight lines and straight edges, this new roof is looking sharp and will keep their home watertight for many years to come.

Locals looking after locals in Ashburton

Over the whole two-day roofing project, our team worked around the homeowners’ schedule. It’s the little things, like making sure they could get their car in and out of their driveway, and that they were not blocked in by our work vehicles or the edge protection. We understand that getting a new roof for your home is a big project, so we want to make the entire process as smooth and as straightforward as possible.

If you’re in Ashburton, or living nearby in South or Mid-Canterbury and you’re worried if your roof is still weather proof? Don’t wait for the rotten purlins to fall in, contact your local team of Ashburton roofers at Wise Roof Solutions on 03 421 8529.

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