Three Roofs, One Section

Making Christchurch Beautiful

We love rebuilding Richmond! Richmond is Wise Roof Solutions’ home suburb in Christchurch, and we feel every earthquake repair and rebuild we’re part of is helping to improve our community.

Three Roofs At Once

We recently worked on a very interesting re-roofing project – three houses on one section. The owner of all three properties finally got the go ahead from his insurance company to repair the damage caused by the 2011 Canterbury Earthquakes. Each one needed to be re-roofed as part of that process, and he asked the team at Wise Roof Solutions to help with all three!

Planning and communication were our strongest assets here. Each property was tenanted, and each project had a narrow window where deadlines could be completed. Our roofers would need to complete installing the roof on one property in time to be ready for the next. Teamwork with the project manager, builder, and other tradies on site meant we got an awesome result each time.

Strong Teamwork

One of our biggest challenges during this time was giving parental leave to two of our roofers, whose wives gave birth in the middle of the second re-roof. Family comes first, and it was important they spend time with their new babies. With his years of experience and contacts in Christchurch’s roofing industry, Scott was quickly able to bring on board roofing contractors to complete the projects on schedule as promised.

In addition to making sure the right roofing materials were at the right property at the right time, Scott and the Wise Roof team also had to coordinate scaffolding and edge protection. Each site complied with our strict health and safety standards, because we want to see everyone go home safely at the end of each day. Especially the two new dads in our team!

Three New Roofs

All three houses twere re-roofed in corrugated ColorCote. Two in Ironsand and one in Sandstone grey. Each look sharp, and will weatherproof their house for many years to come.

Because of our quality cooperation and communication with the builder, re-roofing three properties at once was actually smooth sailing. Each house was completed on the specified deadlines, causing minimal disruptions for the tenants who needed to move out while the renovations were completed.

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